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My realistic prediction three months ago

The real catastrophic scenario that happened

My most catastrophic scenario three months ago

Realistic prediction two months ago

Most catastrophic scenario two months ago

All population Older 65+

Prediction 16.12.2020

Prediction 65+ 16.12.2020

Incidences 16.12.2020

Incidences 65+ 16.12.2020

Table of model 13.12.2020

7 day centered averages 16.12.2020

Modeling 16.12.2020

You’re probably wondering which model am I using?

I modulate with successive waves of infections accumulating over the previous one.

Approximates by the method of least squares and boundary conditions.

It is very stable and flexible and finds data errors quickly.

Border conditions are very important because they correct errors in official data.

I’m not guessing, the covid 19 virus is very predictable and can be beaten!.

Occupancy hospitals and real needs 16.12.2020

Infected, died, active and cured daily according to the number of infected 15.12.2020

There is a formula to calculate truly newly infected even from targeted testing as it is performed today! 18.12.2020

Analysis of Covid 19 in Slovenia

Infection Formulas 11.12.2020

Deaths Formulas 11.12.2020

Occupancy of Covid19 Hospitals 14.12.2020

Comparison of deaths with the National Institute of Public Health

Error of formula 13.12.2020

Error of formula 65+16.12.2020

7-day centered averages 14.12.2020

Covid19 by ages

Symptoms by ages

Symptoms and Covid19 by ages

The percentage of detected infected until the day


Countries and Covid19

Countries and Covid19 and absolute numbers


Prediction 16.12.2020

Incidences 16.12.2020

it's not the top.

Error of Formula 12.12.2020

Two weeks ratio 15.12.2020


Prediction 13.12.2020

Incidences 13.12.2020

Error of Formula 13.12.2020

7-day centered averages 13.12.2020


Prediction 17.12.2020

Incidences 17.12.2020

Error of Formula 17.12.2020

7-day centered averages 17.12.2020

United Kingdom

Prediction 18.12.2020

Incidences 18.12.2020

Error of Formula 18.12.2020

New infection and deaths compared to total infections 18.12.2020

North America


Prediction 12.12.2020

Incidences 12.12.2020

Error of Formula 12.12.2020

Waves 12.12.2020

Epidemic status indices 12.12.2020

South Europe dendrogram

West Europe dendrogram

North Europe dendrogram

East Europe dendrogram

Soon will selfupdate and more!